3D Assembly

The students of class III D presented an assembly on Tuesday, 7th May 2019 on the topic, Simple Living, High Thinking, a value promoted and exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi. The assembly was a sincere attempt to inspire the students to imbibe this valuable virtue and to make them understand that real happiness does not lie in acquiring material things but in leading a humble life while having high values. The programme commenced with the rendition of the song, ‘We shall overcome’. This was followed by sharing of simple strategies on how to adopt the mantra of Simple living High thinking in our lives. A small skit presented by the students depicted that boasting about material things doesn’t always help but remaining simple and humble helps. The assembly culminated with the presentation of Group Dance by the students. The Headmistress Ma’am congratulated the students for presenting a wonderful assembly on such a relevant theme.

1C Assembly

‘ Gandhian Patriotism ‘ was the theme of the assembly. Children spoke about the importance of ‘Love Your Country -India’ and all that they could do for the their country like using resources well, planting trees,saying no to plastic etc. Every child spoke lines confidently. They sung a medley sing Nanha Munna Rahi…and danced on the number ‘Rang DE Basanti’ with Tricolour dupattas which added fervour to the feeling spirit of patriotism.

1B Assembly

Beautifully Displaying how Bapu showed us to face difficult situations with patience, dignity and truthfulness,the assembly opened with the song ..We shall overcome, followed by speakers speaking lines on how we can become stronger and deal with tough situations with love and non-violence. It concluded with the whole class performing with aplomb a dance on the song..’haan yahi rasta hai tera..’

1A Assembly

Class I A assembly was on 25/4/19. The theme was ‘There is Beauty in Simplicity’. Keeping in focus the 150 years birth celebration of Gandhiji, children all dressed in simple white, spoke about his life – when and where he was born, the values he learnt from his parents and how he put them to practise as he grew up. In the same context, children spoke about simplicity as a value to imbibe and how being simple let’s us focus on important things in life which make us a better person. Each child spoke his/ her lines confidently followed by a well synchronized dance on the song ‘Bandey mey tha dum’. Assembly ended with a vote of thanks by our Supervisor, Ms Madhuri Sahgal and a group photograph of parents and children.

3B Assembly

The assembly centered around the theme ‘Living together in Peace and Harmony , a virtue propagated by Gandhiji. The assembly began with a beautiful song ‘Make a wish’ followed by a short skit highlighting the importance of peace and harmony in one’s life. A child dressed as Gandhiji addressed the audience stressing the fact that we can prosper only by living together in peace with each other. It was highlighted that human beings should learn from the elements of nature which work together in harmony.
The assembly ended with a dance performance on the inspirational song ‘Deewarein’.
Our headmistress addressed the audience with her motivating words and applauded children for their efforts.
Parents left on a happy note and with a positive vibe.

3C Assembly

On 30th April 2019, students of class 3C presented an assembly to mark the importance of Gandhiji’s vision of Satyagraha. The main idea behind this is to inculcate the values and ideologies of Gandhiji in the young minds. The students began the assembly with a bhajan which was followed by expressing thoughts and later a dance was presented.

5A Assembly

Based on Earth Day, some children wrote and spoke about the pledge they were going to take on this day. Others made posters and coined slogans in support of the cause. A song with an apt message was presented – ‘Paryavaran hamara, jagir hamari.’ ‘Kai sadiyon pehle ….’ was the number to which the children danced – about the importance of trees and animals.
The Art teachers held a demonstration on creating useful things out of waste.


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